Adolescent psychological counseling


How can a psychologist help?

A psychologist can provide a wide range of help in dealing with mental and emotional problems for different age groups, depending on individual needs and life situations. In the course of our work, knowing the fundamentals of human psychology, as an external, independent observer, we help in uncovering problems, identifying causes and finding solutions by applying appropriate methods. The methods used allow healing and development to begin. Our methods can reveal the reasons that our mind often hides from our eyes, which a friend cannot shed light on.
Adolescence presents special challenges and psychologists can help in a number of ways:

Identity search

They support adolescents in finding their own identity and place in the world. They help adolescents understand and accept themselves.

Anxiety treatment

They help in the treatment of mental problems in therapy sessions. They teach stress management techniques and positive thinking.

Career counseling

They help teenagers discover their areas of interest and career opportunities. They are supported in decision-making and planning for the future.

Conflict management and communication

They develop the conflict management and communication skills of adolescents. They help improve family and friendship relationships.

It is important to note that a psychologist does not only help when a problem arises; therapy can also aim to improve the quality of life and support personal development.


Our psychologists 

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