Anita Vladár

Psychologist, trainer and solution-focused coach
Advanced Grief Recovery Method® Specialist
Integrative therapist candidate and Drawing Examination expert


Since childhood, understanding motivated me; so it happened that I completed my studies in biology and psychology in parallel. I was interested in human behavior and functioning. I am preparing my research and doctoral dissertation in the field of theoretical medicine, including human physiology. I often find that in order to understand our human nature, we need to get to know our physical, mental and emotional characteristics together.
I tried to supplement my theoretically oriented interest with practical methodological training, so that I could help my clients with as many tools as possible during my consulting work. My own experiences and self-knowledge came predominantly from the methods I used, so I was able to experience their effectiveness.
My work so far has been diverse: I have taught medical students, among other things, human physiology and neurobiology in Hungarian and English; I held training for high school students, university students and workplace organizations; I supported the institutional education of young criminals in a correctional institution; I supported foster parents and children in a foster parent network; I performed official contact tasks at a multi-company; and during individual consultations, I tried to help my clients with the tools of coaching and psychology. I am confident that with my experience so far I can also help my future clients.
During my counseling, I use the methods of drawing analysis, NLP, KIP and brief coaching to help solve a problem or gain self-knowledge, and I warmly welcome the bereaved for the Grief Recovery Method Program in groups and in individual form.

Brief coaching

1 or 2 suitable quick solution-focused counseling with the methods of brief coaching

Psychological consultation

Individual counseling using psychological methods

Grief Recovery Method® Program

Individual and group grief processing