Balázs Őrsi

Psychologist, Assistant lecturer, Sports psychodiagnostic consultant


Dear Visitor!

My name is Balázs Őrsi, psychologist and consultant. I have always believed that the way to complete understanding is through learning about and integrating diverse points of view. With this in mind, during my studies I also studied mathematics, physics, computer science, chemistry and biology at an advanced level for longer or shorter periods of time. In the end, I heard the call of the psychology profession, and within it I found my place in the interdisciplinary trends cooperating with related sciences, where I will soon finish my doctoral research.

I became involved in counseling during the epidemic period, which affected many, and since then it has been my heart to provide practical help to people in addition to scientific work, either in solving problems or in finding a more balanced spiritual and mental state.

My previous experiences, as well as my studies, are diverse. During my work as a teaching assistant at a university, I teach psychology to full-time and correspondence students, I provided both workplace and personal counseling during online counseling, and in my free time I also delved into the practice of writing by writing works of fiction.


General self-awareness, development of self-confidence and self-esteem

Career counseling

Life path counseling and career counseling

General consueling

Individual counseling in private life problems