Noémi Horváth



The very idea of ​​working with a child came to me very early. As the years went by, the desire to work with young people always remained as a career vision, but the way it was done changed somewhat as time progressed. However, I was sure that upbringing and education is the field where I can imagine myself, so in 2014 I started training as a pedagogical and family support worker. During the professional training, I got to know different areas of psychology and gained insight into pedagogy. I started my bachelor's degree in psychology in 2016 at the Faculty of Arts of the University of Debrecen. I obtained my degree in behavioral analysis in June 2019. During my master's degree, I chose Counseling and School Psychology as a specialization. In addition to my training, I had the opportunity to provide assistance to disabled children and to mentor students with multiple disadvantages. Since 2022, I have been working as a psychologist at the Hajdú-Bihar County Pedagogical Service. During my work, I place great emphasis on creating an accepting, non-judgmental atmosphere, as well as on discovering the resources inherent in clients and supporting the development of opportunities.

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