Parent consultation


What is parent consultation?

A psychological parent consultation is a special meeting where parents discuss their child's psychological, emotional and behavioral problems with a psychologist. The purpose of this consultation is for parents to gain a deeper understanding of their child's behavior and emotional state, as well as help them develop appropriate parenting strategies.

Objectives of psychological parent consultation

1. Diagnosis: A psychologist can help identify any psychological problems a child may have, such as anxiety, depression, attention deficit disorder, or behavioral disorders.
2. Information: Parents receive detailed information about the child's psychological condition, its causes and possible consequences.
3. Counseling: A psychologist can give parents practical advice on how to deal with their child's problems, how to support them and how to communicate effectively with them.
4. Support: The psychologist provides support to the parents in dealing with difficulties and helps them to find the best solutions for the child.
5. Developing a strategy: In cooperation with the parents, the psychologist develops an individual strategy to promote the child's development and well-being.

The course of the consultation

1. Introductory conversation: The psychologist learns about the family's situation and the child's problems.
2. Data collection: The psychologist collects information about the child's past, family environment, school performance and behavior.
3. Analysis: Based on the collected data, the psychologist analyzes the child's situation and determines the causes of the problems.
4. Counseling: The psychologist shares his findings with the parents and suggests possible solutions and strategies.
5. Follow-up: After the consultation, there may be regular meetings to monitor the child's progress and adjust strategies if necessary.

Psychological counseling for parents is therefore an important tool in supporting the child's mental health, helping both parents and the child to cope with challenges and promote the child's well-being and well-being.

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